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Founded and 2010 in Florianópolis Cia. DaleCirco working on the creation of comic shows with the language of clown and circus skills, this joint gains its unique and particular way due to public participation, providing unique moments for the audience. The Company is performed by the duo Paula Grigoli, Brazil and Carlos Velazquez, the Argentine eradicated in the country since 2007. Two countries with reference the case of comedy are sources of inspiration for the work. They have autonomy in relation to the creation and direction of his repertoire. The proximity to the public, the expansion of the shares, the spontaneous and the achievement of each. They are proposed within the repertoire of research. In 2010, initiate the process of creating their first assembly "La Conquista" comic spectacle circus, born in 2012 in the monologue "Chico Chan". Seek the development of the comic from the reference clown language: that being eccentric, unique, fragile and strong, which disrupts the human condition of perfection and brings the reality of a particular logic capture and live with the world around her.

Ana studied in different circus schools : Nau of Icarus, Circus Central, Mazaroppi (SP ) and Circus School Bethesda ( Fpolis ) . Made intensive course in Solar mime and clown Ézio Magalhaes, Victor Avalos ( ARG ) , Pepe Nunes (ESP ) , Hilary Chaplain (USA) and Biribinha ( AL ) . It was also choreographer Commission Front Coloninha Samba School, in 2007 . Carlos is a self-taught , has a strong background in juggling and street shows and traveled to Argentina and Chile for three years , where he participated in juggling conventions , circus and street shows (Argentina and Chile) . He arrived in Brazil in 2007 , and here began acting with physical humor, acrobatics and balancing , integrating new repertoires his artistic training and participated in the workshop of clown with the Argentine Victor Avalos and Spanish Pepe Nuñez



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